The MohrPure

Mind Body Energy Training

A healthy & balanced life starts with being connected with yourself!

We are simply better at what we do 
when we are physically healthy, energized, happy, passionate, creative, focused and confident.



Disconnection from yourself:

  • will negatively impact your health
  • affects your relationships
  • influences your work
  • determines your courage

Keeping it simple works:
Take care of your health naturally by connecting with yourself through a simple essential principle of energy circulation in your body to:

  • Manage your stress
  • Alleviate pain
  • Balance your emotions
  • Maintain your focus
  • Maximize your immunity
  • Improve your productivity
  • Sleep soundly

Hello I am Sabine

a former hamster wheel spinning disconnected human doing, I used to be very hard-on-myself and filled with worry and self-doubt. I learned to let go of these saboteurs and to honestly connect and be in relationship with myself. Changing my energy with simple mind body exercises, appreciating the value of “less is more” and accepting support added to my success in turning into a balanced and connected human being. Today, I live in an honest relationship with myself and others. Following my vision and purpose I contribute to a healthy & balanced human connectedness and coexistence on earth instead of an elbow society and de-humanizing artificial intelligence. 


While the masses are addicted to technology and to going going going, I recognize that in fact "less is more". A principle I personally follow and use in my MohrPure training sessions and retreats. I am passionate about helping people to reconnect with themselves. To get out of their head and into their body with this simple MohrPure mind body energy training method!

“Connecting with yourself is more important than anything else!”
Without a system of proactive tools however, it is very easy to lose your connection and compromise your health. 

The MohrPure Mind Body Energy Training 
I combine my seasoned personal and professional experiences and knowledge with energy principles for creating calmness, clarity, focus, resilience, balance, joy and health. Utilizing proven mind body energy exercises that are simple yet effective. 


The training methods I use are not complicated or difficult to understand. They enable you to develop routines in your daily life – habits of regularly checking the condition of your body and energy and adjusting their balance immediately. By including simple mind body energy exercises in your everyday routines such as mindful breathing, stretching, relaxation and stress management techniques, you are able to bring a powerful dose of wellness into your life and the lives of your loved ones and beyond.


My approach is simple but not a band-aid prescription that temporarily eliminates symptoms. You and I also look into the root of the problem together. Ultimately, your health is determined by whether or not you apply the simple things I suggest and how steadily you make them a part of your life. 

Disclaimer: "Regular training can cause happiness & good health!"

Turning Health into an Experience 
As your Trainer and guide, allow me to take you to most extraordinary energy retreat destinations including your own inner energy charging station in your body. Journey "home" and reconnect with yourself. Enjoy a healthy and balanced training experience. 

  • Choose from a menu of group classes and personal one-on-one training. 
  • Join the MohrPure Energy Retreat experience at far beyond the ordinary destinations.

Contact me directly to schedule your personal training assessment call and for info on upcoming MohrPure Retreats.


I look forward to working with you, ... from the ❤️

What clients say: 

Please feel free to contact me directly to book your training, have questions and for additional information.

You can reach me here and by phone  +49 (0) 151 24 50 81 11 and by email