Your MohrPure™Training Options

MohrPure™ Energy Training  


The regular Energy Training reaches body mind and soul. Combining gentle rhythmic movement with stretching, balance, breathing and mindfulness exercises and relaxing meditation.


MohrPure™ Personal one-on-one Training
This personalized training offers a free of charge evaluation call, individualized, tailored to your needs training sessions. Optional online and in person. 

MohrPure™ Energy Training Seated


This training takes place on a chair. Exercises include elements from our regular Energy Training, and are particularly suitable for people with severe mobility restrictions, e.g. through (joint) pain, paraplegia, autoimmune diseases, obesity, and others. 


MohrPure™ Energy Training "Walk-In" Pass


Chose from the group training options above and enjoy training with us on a day that suits your schedule. 

There is no previous workout experience or a high level of agility, strength, or balance required to follow the basic exercises! 

MohrPure™ Workshops

Health & Wellness Workshops e.g. Burnout Prevention and Resilience Training are available for your group.
Let's connect and choose the right one for you. 

 Choose your training option:
Weekly group classes Thursdays 10.00 AM (AST)

  • One weekly 75 minute group session in our live - online classroom
  • Monthly membership $70 CAD
  • Walk-In Guest Pass group session $30 CAD 
  • First time Exploring Session free of charge
  • Personal one-on-one Training dates and pricing tailored to your needs. 

All prices include HST

Training Options


Your Personalized Training Assessment:

To serve you best, I invite you to a personal assessment call prior to joining for your most valuable training experience.
Contact me for details 
here :